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Gathered here are links to some of the coolest websites on the 'net, where you can find anything you're looking for, and quite a few things you probably didn't know you wanted until you saw them here. And best of all, they're all free! Web, web, website, internet, web page, design, HTML, Internet

So pull up a chair, kick your shoes off, and check out some of these great Super Cool Freebies!

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Free Software for your computer!
Free office software!
3D TextMaker
Andover.net News
Media Builder
Ask Reggie
Button Maker
Dave Central
Free Code
GIF Optimizer
GIF Works
Media Builder
Internet Traffic Report
Free Site Tools eFax.com
A-1 Icon Archive Cool Archive Free Animations Co3 Graphics, Are you man enough? CoolGraphics.com
Animation Library - Over 3500  free animations!!! The ClipArt directory Cool text from CoolText.com AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures Add Me!
The Free Site! ABC Graphics

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Two great free online books

Lessons in Lifemanship

An Infantry Platoon Leader in Patton's Army
by Bryan Bell
book, buy, CD, video, DVD, software, store, bargain, sale, price, low price

Looking for a new job?
(or a few good employees?)

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