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EASE Church Management Software for Presbyterian Churches (PCUSA)
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EASE Church Management Software

for The Presbyterian Church (USA)

Church Management Software that's easy to use!

Presbyterian Church (USA)

System Features

What Makes EASE Specific to Presbyterian Churches?
A question often asked is, "What makes EASE specific to Presbyterian Churches?".  One of the key elements is a program which prints the Session Annual Statistical Report - for both membership and finances.  In order to generate accurate membership totals on the Session Annual Statistical Report, you must keep the types of information needed for the report.  I do not leave it up to the user to figure out what information is necessary.  EASE comes pre-configured so that the types of information maintained by the computer conform with the requirements of the Session Annual Statistical Report.  In addition, the EASE Attendance Module handles the attendance needs of the Presbyterian Church.

There is no standard Chart of Accounts for Presbyterian Churches, but in order to assist Presbyterian users, I provide a Chart of Accounts that has proven effective for a number of other Presbyterian Churches.  This Chart of Accounts may be used as is, modified, or deleted completely so that you may build your own Chart of Accounts to fit the specific needs of your church.  The Fund Accounting system allows you to define up to 255 accounting Funds, each of which may be classified according to a user-definable Fund Type, such as Operating Funds or Restricted Funds.  Unlike some other Church Management Programs, EASE does not require all account numbers in the Chart of Accounts to be exactly the same length.  You can set up your Chart of Accounts using whatever numbering scheme you choose.

In addition, when displaying screens or reading the Manual, you will find the terminology familiar to Presbyterians.

Who uses EASE?
EASE is presently used in more than 1000 churches in every state and in Canada.  Since the release of EASE for Presbyterian Churches, many Presbyterian churches have purchased EASE, and the numbers increase each day.  I have also designed and sold packages for Southern Baptist Churches, The Episcopal Church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and United Methodist Churches, as well as numerous other churches and non-profit agencies.

My philosophy.
I am committed to providing a state-of-the-art church management program that is affordable, reliable and most of all, easy to useEASE offers ease of use, completeness of features and prompt and polite inexpensive technical support.  In these areas EASE surpasses others which cost far more.  Although you may be able to find programs which cost less than EASE, they do not offer all the features you will need and are not generally designed for Presbyterian Churches.  I encourage you to compare EASE to other well-known products such offered by Automated Church Systems (ACS), Membership Services, Inc. (MSI) and PCIS by Cokesberry Electronic Publishing.

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