EASE Church Management Software

EASE Church Management Software

Church Management Software that's easy to use!

church management software A full-function Church Management computer program for only $895.00!
Financial, member, membership Calculates financial and member statistics for the annual report for 5 different denominations!
Fund accounting, member, pledge Integrates fund accounting with member information, contributions and pledges!
Easy to use! Incredibly easy to use!
Recommended by the Episcopal Church Recommended by the Episcopal Church Pension Fund!
Widely used Over 1600 installations!
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, DOS, MS-DOS Runs on Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Windows 3.x or MS-DOS!
Runs on any IBM-compatible PC Runs on any IBM or IBM-compatible PC!
Requires only 480 Kb Requires only 480 Kb of memory!
Y2K compliant Fully Y2K-compliant!
Free trial offer! FREE 45-day evaluation!
Interest-free payment plan Interest-free Payment Plan!

EASE Church Management Software provides your church with an easy and comprehensive way of managing church records and creating reports.  EASE Church Management Software tracks Membership, Contributions, Sunday School attendance, Accounting, Music library and usage, Sermons, Media (Lending) library, Equipment inventory and depreciationEASE provides assistance in church adminstrative duties such as membership, funds, contributions, accounting, payroll and reporting.

Customized annual reports are currently available for Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran and Evangelical Lutheran (ELCA) churches.  Others can be added on request.

EASE began with the thoughtfulness of one church member (Bryan Bell) who conceived of the idea for his church and yours.  Gosnell Computer Services, Inc. was formed in 1983 to develop a church management package tailored specifically for churches.  Their first product was designed to meet the specific needs of Episcopal Churches.  Since then, they became the leading seller of church management software within the Episcopal Church.  Later, they re-designed the EASE program and tailored the system to meet the specific needs of several other denominations, including Southern Baptist Churches, The Presbyterian Church U.S.A., The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) and The United Methodist Church.

In November 1999, Gosnell Computer Services, Inc. shut down and left EASE to me (Sam Hills) to continue supporting on my own.  EASE is now my personal ministry and my way of serving my Lord and Savior, to His glory!

Over 17 years of experience and much feedback from more than 1000 users all over the country have gone into the development of the current version of EASE.  You will be thrilled with how accurate it is and how much time it will save you!

EASE is powerful enough to meet the requirements of the largest of churches, yet economical enough to be affordable by even the smallest church.  EASE runs on any IBM-compatible PC under MS-DOS, Windows 3.x or Windows NT, as well as Windows 95 and 98.  Unlike some other Church Management Systems, EASE does not require the latest, most expensive computer to run.  EASE was designed with churches (and their often limited budgets) in mind, and will adapt itself to whatever processor and memory you have.

If you do not wish to purchase the complete system, each module may be purchased seperately at a cost savings to you.  In additon, the Interest-free Payment Plan allows you to pay for EASE over the course of several months if your budget will not allow you to pay for it all at once.

EASE is "menu driven", that is, it provides a series of selections - like a menu - from which the operator can make choices, each one of which leads to the desired function or further selections in a logical way.  The manual, which is complete in its descriptions and in its answers to questions, is written in clear, understandable language.  EASE excels in being "user friendly".  Technical support is available directly from the programmer both by telephone at (504) 649-2757 and by e-mail at tech@bbll.com.

These pages describe many, but not all of the features of EASE.  However, do not be intimidated, feeling that "It's too complicated".  REMEMBER: You only use what you want to.  The manual and the menu system will lead even the most inexperienced amateur to a successful program for the needs of any church.  And if your church only has a limited amount of money to spend, you can even buy only those modules you need!  Other modules can be purchased later if desired.  Check out my special pricing for the specific modules you need!

Click Here to try EASE FREE for 45-days!

Denominationally specific systems are available for:

Episcopal Churches The Presbyterian Church USA
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
The United Methodist Church Southern Baptist Churches
Non-Denominational Systems

Year-2000 Update!
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EASE modules:
Membership Contributions Fund Accounting
Attendance Specialty Modules Utilities

Other useful information:
Technical Support Free long distance! CASS Certification
Forms & Supplies Hardware requirements Data Conversions
Free Evaluation Price Payment plans
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