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EASE Church Management Software - Data conversions
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EASE Church Management Software

Data Conversion Services

Church Management Software that's easy to use!

If you have already entered your members' names and addresses into another database, it is usually possible to have your data converted to the EASE data format.  Unforutnately, there is no key you can press to have this conversion done automatically.  Because each program's data is different, and because the integrity of the data must be ensured as it is imported into EASE, a custom program must be written to convert your data to the EASE data format.  Data conversions generally cost $250 unless there is something which makes your conversion more difficult than usual.  You will need to weigh the cost of the conversion against re-entering your data.

Export or Save your data in either a .DBF or fixed-length ASCII format and either or send a copy on a floppy disk to Sam Hills, 116 Camelot Dr., Slidell, LA 70460 and I will let you know 1) if the data can be converted (it almost always can), and 2) the cost of the conversion.

What data will be Converted
All of your members' names, addresses, dates, activities, interests and notes can usually be converted.  If the member is a contributor, the envelope number and pledge amounts can also be converted.

Attendance data, Accounting data and Transactions will be converted if possible.

Note: It is not always possible to convert transaction data to EASE.  If you have entered transactions for the year, they may have to be re-entered.

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Sam Hills
116 Camelot Dr..
Slidell, LA 70460-5720
Phone: (985) 649-2757
Cell: (504) 401-1737
Sam Hills, Computer Consultant

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Sam Hills, Computer Consultant

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Sam Hills, Independent Computer Consultant

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